Virtu Works Fore U Presents…… What IS The Boss Mamma CEOs Content Creation & Content Marketing Strategy Session, Target Market Identification Workbook & The Quick Target Market Needs Assessment Worksheet

Rhonda Fore Creator of Boss Mamma CEOs

Hey Boss Mamma! What’s Up!

I love creating content & content marketing and I love to help stay-at-home moms such as yourself do it on a hectic and busy mompreneur schedule and it with ease. So if this is your life and one of your goals in your business, then you’re in the right territory.

With the popularity of content creation and content marketing, CONTENT IS QUEEN!, you’ve heard the importance of creating and marketing content to drive traffic, business and sales.

Is This You:

  • Everybody’s telling you to blog every day and you’re like” Chile……Mamma ain’t got time for that!”
  • You have trouble generating attention-grabbing, exciting titles and topics that grab readers’ attention and provide education and value.
  • You sit down to start a blog post, but you stay stuck on the first sentence from 15 to 20 minutes with writer’s block with the baby pulling on you and on top of that you’re tired and overwhelmed.
  • You’re everywhere on social media with your content, but you’re not really getting nowhere. You’re on every social media from Facebook to Google+, but nobody’s showing you any social content love.
  • You’re scrolling Google for hours researching for sources to site within your content yet you don’t find quite what you’re looking for or indecisive on which sources to choose.

Does this sound like you, mamma? Then you’re ready for content creation & marketing  makeover and this is what’s waiting for you in a 90-minute content creation & marketing strategy session, I will show you how to:

  • Cut out all the noise and create a simple consistent weekly content strategy BEST SUITED FOR YOU in accordance to your busy hectic schedule, how to plan and batch your content.
  •  Choose the right social media platform best suited for your business marketing needs and offer tips and suggestions on automating and scheduling your social media (or other content) days up to weeks ahead to save time and energy.
  • Then how to go through the content creation process with ease without the overwhelm (and headaches) that could come along with no real strategy. How you can conduct content research by 1. Showing you how to generate content headlines and topic ideas that create curiosity and is so intriguing that your visitors and readers can’t help but click read more. 2. The right keywords and keyword phrases. this is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to optimize your visibility in the search engines so that your audience can find not only you but also your problem solving (or life-saving) information.
  • Awesome tips (and tools) to help you conduct audience research. Your audience needs and preferences.
  • Help you learn how to conduct research for your content without spending long hours on Google in addition to other ways to find sources. In addition, I will help you learn how to conduct content and competitor research.
  • I will do a video review of your social media accounts, website (if you have one) and accounts plus your content to look for what you can add or improve upon. We will then have a telephone chat about what I  have found and offer ideas & suggestions.

Boss Mamma CEOs Content Marketing Starter Kit Graphic

But first things first, as a content creator you want began by identifying the group of people that you want to serve and help. You won’t be able to serve with value unless you get clear on who is the specific group of people you want to serve.

“How do I go about finding out who do I really want to serve?” Well, along with the 90-minute content creation and marketing strategy session,  you will get access to the accompanying workbook The Boss Mamma CEOs Target Market Identification Workbook.

Right now you may be serving everybody and that will only confuse people. Now you may be thinking, “Well I could be leaving money on the table.” Not really, because you want everyone to know who exactly you are talking to so they won’t wonder, “Who is she talking to, him, her, you, me?” Stop. Take a moment. Think about who do you really want to positively impact and serve. Get clear on your target audience today with The Boss Mamma CEOs Target Market Identification Workbook. The workbook (along with the 90-minute content creation & marketing strategy session) will help you get clear and specific on the following:

  1. Your target market profile.
  2. Your audiences’ problems, challenges, pain points and issues.
  3. What are the ways in which your product and services help to solve your audiences’ problems?
  4. Crafting a compelling elevator pitch telling people what you do and who you serve quickly and effectively.

Oh wait, there’s more! Great communication is key to finding out what exactly your audience want and need. This is important for crafting the right content that speaks to your audiences’ troubles and crafty ways to solve them. Included with this workbook is the Boss Mamma CEOs Quick Target Market (Audience) Needs Assessment Worksheet to take a quick inventory of audience needs and preferences.

After all of this, I will follow up with you a week later to see how things are coming along?

So are you ready Mamma, are you ready for your content and your marketing to get a new look? Are you ready to create content that’s educational, entertaining and valuable more productively and effectively and ditch the overwhelm? Ready, RE-set and let’s go get started right away identifying your audience, create a strategy and create awesome compelling branded content just for your audience!

Let’s get signed up! Fill out the form below so that we can get more acquainted before the session:

Get the 90-minute content strategy session, workbook and worksheet today for ONLY  $200 Value!

Become The Queen Of Content In Your Biz, See you on the inside!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur, Creator of Boss Mamma CEOs




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